Selling Farm Land: Tenant Notification

If you are considering selling your farm land this year, the Tenant notification date is rapidly approaching. Tenants will need to plan in advance for the 2018 crop year. September 1, 2017 could be your notification date. We recommend that you contact your Attorney for proper notification.

You may refer to this article published by the University of Nebraska:

You will find this helpful as a guideline. We have found that a “Written Lease” is ideal. A specific termination date can be addressed. Again, if you are considering selling, or may sell, you should consider notification procedures.

Due to the strong demand for land, the notification may stimulate an offer to buy.  Please be cautious. You only have one chance to capitalize on the equity that you may have.

Our 50 plus years of experience has proven to us that Auctions work. They are the fairest and best way for all involved. The Tenant, Neighbors, and Investors all can have an equal opportunity to buy.

For 3 generations we have watched other companies come and go that claim they can sell your land better. We will continue to offer professional service and live in this area. We hope that you make an intelligent decision and hire us to work for you.